Fit In, Everywhere

A’PART is a revolution in hotel accommodation. It combines the trusted quality of a hotel brand with the local experiences and privacy you want while traveling.

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Solar Powered

Electricity for the entire A’PARTMENT will be supplied by multiple solar panels placed atop the unit. Zoning restrictions and excessive carbon use will be things of the past.

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Off-grid plumbing

No sewage, not sweat. Cutting edge plumbing technology allows for seamless water purification and automatic waste combustion.

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extraordinary locations

Shipping container chassis allows for unrestricted placement. The only thing limiting locations is your creativity. Dream on!

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Booking an A’PARTMENT

A’PART makes finding your perfect destination simple and pain-free. Just go onto the A’PP and select your desired location, occupancy, and duration of stay. You will be able to learn about the host, local restaurants and nearby attractions.

In the booking process you will find that many of our hosts offer services beyond just housing, including pre-paid food and beach equipment. While all A’PARTMENTS are built with the same standards of sustainability and quality, every unit will bring a new adventure.

Hosting an A’PARTMENT

A’PART is revolutionizing the tourism and hospitality industry by enabling anyone with a great property to offer a luxury hotel style suite for rent. We supply the A’PARTMENT - you supply the site. It is a partnership between landowners and A’PART.

It’s a simple idea, here’s how it works.

You have a site which is beautiful, convenient, by the beach, on a farm, in the forest, by a lake, a river or in the city. It’s a place where others would love to visit, to relax, enjoy, to work or play. We have developed beautiful transportable hotel suites (an A’PARTMENT) and we deliver one to your site, get it approved by the town or city, set it up and market it to visitors using major travel booking sites like Airbnb, Priceline, and Expedia as well as our website.

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