Holly Ash loves democratizing ideas. The idea of A’PART first came to her in 2017 while wondering how she could bring her love of architecture and design to her favorite pastime, travel. Hotels while great, keep you insulated from the environment you are there to experience; and fantastic ideas like Airbnb perhaps give you a little too much exposure (to other peoples stuff). How to combine the best of both ideas? Simple. Create a magnificent hotel suite and put it everywhere people want to go, whether it be on safari in Africa, by the beach, up a mountain, by the lake or in the city. The concept of A’PART was born.

“The name A’PART is significant in many ways. Our suites are called A’PARTMENTS and the genesis of the name is in our ability to blend them into the environments they occupy. We do this by giving our host partners the ability to choose from a range of external finishes that best suit their location. While the internal appointments of each A’PARTMENT remain consistently beautiful, the exteriors are designed to blend in, to stand out and make you feel apart of the community you are visiting, to fit in, everywhere.

A’PART has truly democratized the accommodation industry. It has given anyone with a special location the ability to operate a branded, boutique hotel suite business, it is delivering localized experiences to our guests and doing so with the quality you want and the privacy you need to get the most out of your visit.

With every A’PARTMENT we deliver new experiences await and your money ends up in the communities you visit, not in the hands of a multinational hotel chain.

Enjoy your stay - we a’ppreciate your business“

Holly Ash - Founder