host an a’partment and earn money

A’PART is revolutionizing the tourism and hospitality industry by enabling anyone with a great property to offer a luxury hotel style suite for rent. We supply the A’PARTMENT - you supply the site. It is a partnership between landowners and A’PART.

It’s a simple idea, here’s how it works.

You have a site which is beautiful, convenient, by the beach, on a farm, in the forest, by a lake, a river or in the city. It’s a place where others would love to visit, to relax, enjoy, to work or play.

We have developed beautiful transportable hotel suites (an A’PARTMENT) and we deliver one to your site, get it approved by the town or city, set it up and market it to visitors using major travel booking sites like Airbnb, Priceline, and Expedia as well as our website.

You create a business on your site. You can service it or we will arrange it for you. You may even wish to provide extra services, like meals, stocking the A’PARTMENT, providing beach or other equipment, renting a car or other interesting stuff, all of which you can charge extra for and really build out your business. A’PART does the marketing, handles reservations, customer service and payments. You simply manage this on your A’PART web portal or app.

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Beautiful A’PARTMENTS which fit in everywhere. Designed to connect you with your environment, shield you from the elements and envelop you in luxury. Every A’PARTMENT offers a private bedroom, fold out sofa bed, kitchen with dishwasher, cooktop and microwave oven a washer / dryer, dining area, televisions in the lounge area and bedroom, and of course a luxury bathroom.

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A’PARTMENTS can be located in urban environments, by the beach, on farms, in the forrest, by rivers and lakes, on game reserves and places you want to be. The can be on the grid or completely off the grid and self sufficient. If you have a special place you would like to share and generate an income without people entering your personal home, then A’PART is an A’mazing opportunity.

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Airbnb, Home Away, VRBO and other travel sites have proven that the experience of living like a local is appealing to people from all walks of life. A’PART delivers this experience however does so without having to share your personal home. It provides you with the opportunity to monetize that big back yard, the farm, the beach house or any other site which will accommodate an A’PARTMENT

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An A’PARTMENT ads value to your land by providing you with a revenue stream which not only provides cash flow, but also ads capital value to your site. Just as a property which could put up a billboard, a cell tower or which has a store downstairs and home above generates “incidental cashflow”, an A’PART land lease ads significant value to your investment.

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