A’PART delivers A’PARTMENTS at no cost to the host, we supply the A’PARTMENT, we obtain the approvals, place it on site, set it up and get you ready to go as a host. While an A’PARTMENT can be placed pretty much anywhere from the top of a mountain to a parking lot in Manhattan, we seek out the most unique locations. This page is designed to help you consider whether your site is suitable for and A’PARTMENT before you apply. If for some reason we pass on your opportunity, but you remain convinced we have it wrong, we also sell A’PARTMENTS and will provide the full suite of services needed to get you up and running, and include your location in our reservations system. We look forward to hearing from you and making you a’part of the team.


a’part of nature

Have a place near a national park, by a lake, in the mountains or by a trout filled river? You have probably noticed friends love to come stay and it’s hard to get them to leave. You may well have a perfect place for an A’PARTMENT


a’part of the coastal life

Have a place near the beach? We would love to hear from you. The closer to the beach the better, could you fit an A’PARTMENT in the back yard of your beach house, you could be earning money by renting out your A’PARTMENT and maintain your personal space inside your home.


a’part of the wildlife

You have seen those “glamping” sites in national parks and game reserves, they look romantic and people flock to experience the wonders of nature. If you have a location which offers the opportunity to experience nature up close then you are just an application away from having your own safari lodge, we can supply any number of A’PARTMENTS at the right locations.


a’part of the city

An A’PARTMENT may fit in the backyard, at the side of the house, in a parking lot, on the top of a building, in a park, in a vacant lot, on a barge on the bay, hanging from a crane or anywhere else you can think of. Let us know what you have and we will do the work to determine if the site is viable.