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this is an a’partment

An A’PARTMENT is a fully self sufficient luxury one bedroom suite. It features a luxury bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining area along with conveniences such as a washer/dryer, dishwasher, televisions and wifi. It is powered by a solar array and stored energy, it harvests rain water, stores gray water to be recycled into the environment and bathroom waste is incinerated using Europes leading ‘off grid’ toilet system.

Each A’PARTMENT is customized to its local environment using our patent pending cladding system which features high performance insulation and decorative exterior panels including brick, reclaimed woods, sand stone, glass, copper, chrome and geometric designs. Each exterior design is selected by the host.

Energy efficiency is a hallmark of every A’PARTMENT and each utilizes LED lighting, double glazed windows for thermal insulation, ultra high efficiency air conditioning, instant hot water and low energy appliances.

Because every A’PARTMENT is built to exist ‘off grid’ you will find them in the best and most exclusive locations where traditional construction is not viable and minimal impact on the environment is required or in urban environments where the addition of an “accessory dwelling” is permitted on a semi permanent basis.